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Why on Wednesday?

The eLFonian has noticed a disturbing practice that is becoming more and more prevalent in modern-day life as living space is increasingly decreasing giving way to accumulation and waste. Could this be a case for permaculture perhaps? It’s a practice … Continue reading

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Why on Wednesday?

This issue of Why on Wednesday explores a question that has been loitering in the minds of Cyberians ever since banks opened their doors for business. Banks have been scrutinised by authorities and the public at large over practices that continue … Continue reading

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The eLFonian Lexicographer

The question of what is an eLFonian has been floating around in Cyberspace for some time now. So much so, that this week after numerous attempts by various parties to discover just what is an eLFonian, The eLFonian delves into the origins … Continue reading

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Why on Wednesday?

Welcome to Why on Wednesday in which The eLFonian looks at the hard questions floating around in Cyberspace occupying the pages, and minds, of many a Cyberian. Published each Wednesday, and wholly at the mercy of a continuing proliferation of … Continue reading

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