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The Mystery Lady of Thursday Thought – Revealed!

Sadly, no one was able to guess the identity of the Mystery Lady of Thursday Thought. The small number of comments replying to the question in the post of two weeks ago were grossly outweighed by the number of emails … Continue reading

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Why on Wednesday?

Owing to eLFonian commitments, Why on Wednesday will be taking leave from the hustle and bustle of reporting on those curious questions that curtail our craving for carefully crafted contemplations. However, last week’s question needs to be finalised and so below, … Continue reading

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Why on Wednesday?

The sun is a source of life … and potential death. This week on The eLFonian, this radiant orb of luminous brilliance around which the Earth orbits, is placed under the spotlight to determine why. Why on Wednesday looks at … Continue reading

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Repository of Random Reality

Welcome to this first random fact to be deposited into the Repository of Random Reality, a periodic post on things interesting as seen through the eyes of The eLFonian. And what better way to start off than to focus on the … Continue reading

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The Corner – The Sisters of Prudence

Wisdom so rare, calling aloud from outside. Wisdom so pure, raising her voice in the open squares. Yet fools despise wisdom and instruction. The Corner takes a moment to consider wisdom and understanding. Wisdom is the principal thing. Therefore, get wisdom, … Continue reading

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