Fractured Fractals – Reloaded

Rather than delete these (refer post), a revamp was in order and hence, a Fractured Fractal was saved from an untimely demise.

eLFractal W - Reloaded

eLFractal T - Reloaded

eLFractal C - Reloaded


3 Responses to Fractured Fractals – Reloaded

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  2. Debbie says:

    whoooo hoooo eLFY…. these splashes of colour add a new world to eLFOnia…

    may i, ignorantly, ask… is eLFonia black and white? ( obviously no longer)

    does eLFonia have the same colours as our planet earth?

    beautiful coloured fractals….


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    • The eLFonian says:

      eLFonia is monotonically colourful, fractally speaking, of course and shares the same spectrum as that of earth. We are more alike than you may realise. Thanks for your comments and appreciation of eLFractal art. I have to now wait for the next eLFonian full moon for my next bout of inspiration. Regards, eLFy 🙂

      p.s. You’ll have to explain “whoooo hoooo”. We have no such expression on eLFonia.


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