Are we on a Road to Nowhere?

The Road of Life

Life’s journey takes us down many roads. Some roads seem to have a light at the end while others lead to nowhere. Whichever road we take, whether by choice or not, how we respond to the circumstances that are presented to us on these roads is entirely up to us.

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Most, if not all of us have traveled down many such roads. They might provide moments of merriment. They might dazzle us with delightful distractions. They might offer passing pleasures that quickly fade. These sort of roads are only temporary and lead us on journeys that go nowhere. There are other roads that take us down a slippery slide into despair.

Most of the time we choose the roads we wish to travel on. Other times we are forced onto certain roads by other people. Sometimes, when seeking direction, we might ask questions or look for signs to find our way. Sometimes, we might simply follow others. Sometimes we choose a certain road because it seems the easier option. Irrespective of how we get onto these roads, they end up taking us on a journey.

Whichever journey we are on, it’s important to ask, “Am I going somewhere on this road or will I end up nowhere?” Choose a road that is going somewhere. The choice we make is entirely ours.

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2 Responses to Are we on a Road to Nowhere?

  1. There’s no way to tell whether you took the right road, not until you’re halfway through it. And even then…


  2. The eLFonian says:

    There are really only two roads: the right road and the wrong road. What seems like the right road can be the wrong road. It’s relative. In the end, we need a roadmap for our lives.


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