Thursday Thought – on Polls

puzzled lookWhen is poll not a poll? When it’s an election, of course!

The biggest poll in any democratic country is the one that sees a political party elected to the office of government. Once in power, the government will rule the country on the basis that they “have a mandate from the people”.

Yet, when a government or its leader is facing a downturn in popularity, the poll is relegated to the sideline with the often cited claim by the affected party or politician that, “I don’t pay attention to polls” or “I don’t place faith in polls”. This is the response, all the while behind the scenes the wheels of the party machine turn to address the very issues that surfaced in the polls in order to boost the party’s popularity that will be monitored under the same polling process that identified their fall from favour in the first place!

The very process that ensures the voice of the people is heard seems to be valid only when it suits. Is it any wonder that the corridors of eLFonia often resound with the words,

The ways of man are indeed very strange.

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2 Responses to Thursday Thought – on Polls

  1. As long as they only criticize the polls, it’s not a big deal. The problem is when a political party questions the validity of the actual election: when they win, they win democratically; when they lose, it’s because the others cheated.

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  2. The eLFonian says:

    Isn’t that the nature of politicians?


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