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random factsWelcome to this first random fact to be deposited into the Repository of Random Reality, a periodic post on things interesting as seen through the eyes of The eLFonian. And what better way to start off than to focus on the eye!

Research shows that we blink around 15 to 20 times per minute. That’s a whopping average of 9,198,000 times per year that you close your eyes for that split fraction of a second as you blink.

During our waking hours, we spend about 10% of our time with our eyes shut. So if you want to know what a 10% chance of missing something feels like, consider each blink you take. No wonder they say, “if you blink, you’ll miss it!” On the positive side, you have a 90% chance of not missing anything during the day.

Quite apart from lubricating the eye, the research suggests that the closing of the eye may be related to mental rest – giving the brain a momentary rest to go “offline”. It’s a bit like some modern cars where the ignition turns off when stopped at traffic lights to conserve petrol. Even so, it’s a scary thought when it comes to the brain!

It’s been said that, “the lamp of the body is the eye” with the added explanation that “when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light, but when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness.”1 Our eyes focus to allow us to see, feeding our brain with understanding. May the focus of your mind be on light and not darkness.
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Note 1: Luke 11:34


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An observer of Cyberian culture and an avid student of life - its mysteries, its intricacies, its wonders, its creation and, its future.
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