Why on Wednesday?

Wednesday WhyThe eLFonian has noticed a disturbing practice that is becoming more and more prevalent in modern-day life as living space is increasingly decreasing giving way to accumulation and waste. Could this be a case for permaculture perhaps? It’s a practice that is de-valuing the family car leaving it in isolation and unloved, forcing it to remain outside as its usual habitat becomes cluttered with the trinkets, trash and treasures of its owners. Such an integral part of family life, the car takes us shopping and to work. It transports our children to those weekend sporting matches. It accompanies us on those family picnics and outings. Yet, it is sadly neglected in the driveway when we enter our abodes for those moments of family time and quiet respite at night. Why on Wednesday explores this unsettling modern day development.

Last Week’s Results: Last week we looked at “Why do banks leave vault doors open and then chain the pens to the counters?” The results confirmed suspicions that bank bosses have been trying to increase their employee satisfaction indices by injected moments of light diversion during the day. The top answer reflecting this tactic, “Bank staff enjoy a good laugh watching customers trying to cope with pens on short chains”, received 100% of the vote. You can view the complete survey results here.

This week, The eLFonian casts its gaze on the Gordian knot of the family garage as its door gapes open to reveal the enigma this entrance places on the egress to this edifice of modern day living and asks the question:

Why do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in our driveways and put our useless junk in the garage?

Perusing the pages of People Magazine while waiting to be called for the eLFectomy procedure which was long overdue and postponed on several occasions due to eLFonian commitments, The eLFonian was able to determine the following reasons this enigma has become so prevalent in the modern era.

Because …

Have your say! What do you think? Why do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in our driveways and put our useless junk in the garage? Help Cyberians understand their priorities. Explain to them through your feedback that the family car is a cherished member and should be stored safely within the confines of the family garage. Take a minute to respond to the poll and help them to gain insight on this perspective. Click on your preferred response and then click on “Vote” (one only per reader).

Poll Closing Date: This poll will close at 12:00 UTC (GMT/Zulu) on the Tuesday following publication of Why on Wednesday so be quick and don’t miss out on your opportunity to vote. The results will be published in the next issue of Why on Wednesday and will also be updated in this post after the poll is closed so come back, review the results and leave a comment if you are so inclined.

The Next Why: Next week, The eLFonian attempts to get a song out of its head by considering the sun (it’s been said that confronting an issue head on helps in this regard though maybe not when it comes to the sun). “Here comes the sun, and I say, It’s all right Little darling….” eLFy website signature

Contributing Collaborators: If you want to collaborate and be part of the team that will investigate other perplexing questions in Why on Wednesday, please email your interest to The eLFonian (elfy@elfonian.com). If accepted to the team, your contribution will be acknowledged in the issue of Why on Wednesday in which your contribution is included. It’s free to collaborate!

A Question for WoW? If you have a question that has been baffling you for a while or has been keeping you up at night, that has you feeling nauseous or simply leaving you curiously contemplating matters you have never before considered, why not ask The eLFonian. Email your question to elfy@elfonian.com. There are currently a number of questions playing on The eLFonian’s mind so there may be a delay in addressing your particular question – unless of course, your question “tickles the borders of Cyberspace” (part of The eLFonian mission) in which case, up the queue you go!

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An observer of Cyberian culture and an avid student of life - its mysteries, its intricacies, its wonders, its creation and, its future.
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10 Responses to Why on Wednesday?

  1. It’s just because people are too lazy to carry the boxes of moving into the house/flat so there is first simply not enough space for the car anymore. The fishy part of this is that they will buy the items stored in the boxes anew rather then carrying the boxes in and unpacking them. So the car will never fit into the garage ever again!

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  2. Umber says:

    The garages are meant for parking the boxes presumably. I am going to poll😊😊

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  3. LOL, these are great! We keep our useless junk in the garage and the car in the driveway because it’s how our parents did it and our grandparents did it, so we just don’t know the garage is actually for the car because it’s always been full of junk. It also keeps the house and yard clean because we can hide it all in the garage.

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  4. Robin says:

    So funny! We keep my husband’s car in the garage. It’s a one car garage. I have to scrape the ice and clean the snow off of my car that is parked outside. 😕

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