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eLFyThe question of what is an eLFonian has been floating around in Cyberspace for some time now. So much so, that this week after numerous attempts by various parties to discover just what is an eLFonian, The eLFonian delves into the origins of this enigma. While lexicographers continue to be challenged with this mystery word, their interrogation of a wide range of evidence failing to add not even a single ray of light on this broadening mystery, The elFonian now reveals the relevant facts that can be published1.

What is an eLFonian?
This question has been addressed in an earlier article which contains much more detail together with some rare eLFonian images. However, to respond to this ongoing question, some further detail is provided. eLFster’s Dictionary, previously referred to as The Concise eLFonian Lexicon, records the definition of “eLFonian” as follows:

eLFonian n. \elf•o•ni•an\ (a) A citizen of eLFonia located in the outer most reaches of Cyberspace (e.g. “I am an eLFonian”). (b) one who exhibits a curious penchant for anonymity while at the same time guiding travellers to infinity and beyond (e.g. “You are such an eLFonian”). (c) a term of endearment used of facilitators in an online learning environment. (e.g. “Your eLFonian will guide you through that task”).

With this definition now registered, the modern day dictionary has another addition to its ever-increasing list of words and phrases that capture the mood and sense of society and its culture.

May your day be filled with much joy … and may you show kindness to the eLFonian standing next to you – we are everywhere.

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In response to The Daily Prompt – Play Lexicographer.
Note 1: Regrettably, there are many more facts that cannot be published for sanity’s sake.

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An observer of Cyberian culture and an avid student of life - its mysteries, its intricacies, its wonders, its creation and, its future.
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