The Corner – Who Stands Before Me?

The CornerThere are moments that leave us reeling over what we’ve just done. There are moments that leave us thinking, “who is in control?” The Corner turned into a place of refuge this week as one of those moments became a realisation that someone is indeed in control. That someone can either save us or destroy us. Who is it?

Who Stands Before Me?

He stares at me intently with piercing eyes
From across the void he perceives my lies

His weathered face revealing his frustration
As he sees before him a life set for condemnation

He goes straight to my heart to search it from within
For he knows my frame and how I am prone to sin

He looks at my soul, gnarled with the burden of my way
And he sees my life, the many times I have gone astray

He ponders my outcome, will I be able to turn?
He knows the road I must take if I am not to be spurned

He opens his mouth, calls out to me and with a motion
He makes his demand, there is only one condition

His question is not moot though it is all but answered
“How long will you falter between two opinions considered?”

His rebuke is scathing, it rings clear like a gunshot!
He sought my reaction but I answered him not

His reproach is resounding, the point is so clear
He makes his distinction, and I begin to fear

His probe is exact, he places it firmly on me!
He beckons for my choice that I now clearly see

His countenance reveals the torment before him
As he observes my struggle with the evil within

He awaits my decision, I must now choose a side!
With my heart full of remorse I can no longer hide

For it comes down to me, I must bear it alone
If I do not decide I will forever be on my own

Though you might help or hinder or even chide
It will be to me that I must look and in One I must abide

He continues to watch as he stands at the door
He observes my demeanour as he prepares to tell more

He sets his verdict, he is ready to pronounce
His judgment is measured down to the very ounce

He recites his ruling with rhetorical decree:
“If you do well, you will be accepted and the truth will make you free”

Forsake the old man, this world you must forget
Look towards the new man for the path has been set
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you
Only you must be certain and willing to do

But, if you do not do well, sin lies at the door
Its desire is for you and it will expend all the more
If you choose the way of the world, with its princes and kings
On your path you will remain, you will die in your sins

As he casts one last gaze on the one standing before him
He again presses deeply as he stands in the hall
With his focus now clear, he realises that this one standing before him
Is the one looking back from the mirror hanging on the wall

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