The Corner – My Darkest Hour

The CornerThe darkness that engulfs our thoughts at times can be overbearing. For some, it takes over to the point of extreme and ongoing torment and agony. Sometime ago, The Corner became a necessary repose of reflection to consider the anguish being suffered by someone near and dear. A shared moment of one such dark hour in a world of many.

My Darkest Hour

(The Beast Within)

The beast shows itself from time to time
Raising its head, revealing its mind
It lunges at me with great force and power!
Those moments of torment, becoming my darkest hour

As it takes hold and tosses me and tightens its grip
I feel lost as it continues, I feel myself slip
The pit into which it throws me is so deep and so dark
That I lose all hope as its venom finds its mark

I try to climb out, looking for light in this endless hole
As it sinks its teeth deeper and deeper into my soul
I continue to fall, there seems no way out!
Its purpose revealed, my end to bring about

No matter how much I cry out, it just won’t let go!
Continuing to throw me, pushing to and fro!
It clutches and squeezes, I struggle to breathe!
Oh, that I could vanquish this fiend, “Release me and leave!”

It lets go for a moment, oh how I yearn and desire
This freedom that comes, to be released from its power
But it returns unexpectedly, at another time, another day
Latching on and persistent, determined in its way

This thing so intent that feeds upon me
Is an invisible enemy that no one can see
Its purpose, its goal, its sole aim in life!
Is to bring me down, to cause me grief and strife

And so the battle rages on, again and again
It seems nothing I do can help me to win
This beast, this monster that engulfs my soul!
Leaves me battered and bruised, I don’t feel whole

Even though it swamps me, I stand not alone
This thing that I battle I face not on my own
There are many who fight it, understanding its snare
Sharing the pain, they too struggle for air

And there are others still, close by who face it with me
Allies, friends and family, ready to help set me free
They stand with me, support me, to defeat this foe
United together to deal it a mighty blow

And so while the battle rages, with constant onslaught
My helplessness hastening with every despairing thought
I pray for strength that it won’t get the better of me
All I ask, all I want, is for it to just let me be

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Submitted in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Journey

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An observer of Cyberian culture and an avid student of life - its mysteries, its intricacies, its wonders, its creation and, its future.
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