Theme Weaver – Blogging 101 (5)

eLFyO Ye Weaver of Themes

And so the week endeth on somewhat of a high
Are you asking me truly to consider why?
If weaving a theme so alluring isn’t enough
It has to be done thrice, gee this is getting tough!

From yesterday’s Dream Reader to today’s Theme Weaver, the challenges are stretching every bit of this eLFonian’s being – from harangued thoughts lost in reckless abandonment to degrees of physical movement that brings water to the eyes (eLFonians generally employ the classic sarvangasana yoga position with a novel half twist where the head is used as a pivot point. It has been observed that this position helps to develop an impressive range of psychedelic thoughts, which I am yet to capture – perhaps because of the surge of blood flow to the head drowning any such thoughts that may have developed).

imageSo what you see before your eyes is my first, and original attempt using the 2010 Theme. I was up all night at the loom with both the warp and weft threads crossing over each other at a furious pace. I think it brings out the colour in my eyes, making me look at least 10 years younger. What do you think?

During the weekend, I will be developing two more themes that capture something – I think it could be referred to as imagination but we’ll just have to wait and see. That is of course, if I can maintain the sarvangasana pose.

So fellow bloggers, fare thee well until Monday. May the weekend be kind to you. May your blogging be fruitful and may your corner of Cyberspace be filled with good things.

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Submitted in response to Blogging 101 Task 5

About The eLFonian

An observer of Cyberian culture and an avid student of life - its mysteries, its intricacies, its wonders, its creation and, its future.
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2 Responses to Theme Weaver – Blogging 101 (5)

  1. julz says:

    wonderful whimsy – have fun

    Liked by 1 person

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