Reader Dear – Blogging 101 (4)

eLFyMy Reader Dear

Oh, Dear Reader, mystery person you are
How can I ever reach you being so far?
As these words travel through space and land on your ear
Can there be any hope for me to make you my Reader Dear?

As René Descartes said, “cogito ergo sum” (“I think therefore I am”). So after Day 1, I figured out that too much thinking caused my brain to hurt thus confirming that I do indeed exist (contrary to some rumours floating around in Cyberspace). Day 2 saw me define myself – I am eLFy (I even have a name tag to prove it). With The Following reminding me of what happened to Kevin Bacon, I approached Day 3 with some trepidation as I watched the Inbox start to come alive with followers – enough to start my own football team.

Today, I reach out to you, my Dear Reader, in the hope that I can add just one more to the team. So Dear Reader, let me begin …

The eLFonian looks at life through eLFonian eyes, covering so many things and telling no lies. From the frivolous to the hypothetical. From the practical to the logical. From the edifying to the horrifying. From the fanciful to the beautiful (well maybe a bit light on the beautiful right now). You get the picture. To focus on one dream is to limit the possibilities. So why not, follow any one of a number of dreams here at The eLFonian.

So, if you search the internet for the mot juste or other bons mots, why not check out The eLFonian Quotes for some ideas. Truth and Statistics are the current offering with more to come.

Or, if you are like Croucho Marx who, when invited to a Cricket Test Match in England, turned to his host after the fifth day of play and asked, “when does the game begin?”, then you can join in the campaign to exterminate crickets (not really the same thing as the game of cricket but I threw that one in there just to share with you, Dear Reader, the diversity of The eLFonian).

If your interest is in evolution then check out The evolution of The eLFonian which will prove to you that eLFonians did not hatch from eggs (although their exact origins are still a mystery).

So Dear Reader, where art thou? (reminds me, check out my post on The Corner on some Shakespeare gone wrong)

eLFy website signature

Submitted in response to Blogging 101 Task 4

About The eLFonian

An observer of Cyberian culture and an avid student of life - its mysteries, its intricacies, its wonders, its creation and, its future.
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