The Year of The eLFonian

Year of the eLFonianAs expectations rise, as the temperature continues to drop (or soar – The eLFonian does not discriminate against hemisphere), as another new year dawns and comes suddenly upon us like an eagle swooping down on its prey, out of the ashes of last year rises a figure vaguely reminiscent of an old friend. A figure that was once steeped in tradition. A figure that was once weighed down by the rigours of daily life. A figure whose wistful cry echoed in the abyss of Cyberspace. A figure that has been haunted by the chirping of crickets resounding in the halls of eLFonia while waiting for that next visitor to A figure now invigorated by a period of meditative reflection and transcendental transformation considering things past, things present and things to come.

From the moment The Evolution of The eLFonian began, ideas were streaming into the porthole of mindful consideration. From the moment The Last Post sounded, grand plans of www’ness were envisaged as Post-it notes covered every available space in the Operations Control Centre (aka the study). More visions are looming in the dark, eerie recesses of the mind. More schemes are underfoot to bring The eLFonian kicking and screaming into 2015 with a fresh take on the issues of life.

Could 2015 see those crickets that have chirped endlessly since the inception of The eLFonian relegated to the backwater bioue beyond the bank behind the big blue building by the bridge? Could this be the year of The eLFonian? Dum spiro spero.

With the drawing board having been utilised and stored back in the cupboard (and the ironing done at the same time – multitasking is very big in eLFonia), the train has now left the station. The eLFonian Express has departed on its journey. Will you come aboard?

These are the aspirations of The eLFonian – to have passengers on the journey. These are the noble plans that filtered through the grandiose thoughts that formed during the darkness of the night. Ahhh, such upstanding plans indeed! Will 2015 see these objectives come to life? Or will those crickets continue to chirp?

Join the journey. Help banish those crickets from the corridors of eLFonia and end that dreaded chirping forever. There’s plenty of room. Please consider liking, sharing, commenting and even subscribing to The eLFonian for regular updates on things eLFonian. Only if you do so, can we together go “to infinity and beyond”.

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About The eLFonian

An observer of Cyberian culture and an avid student of life - its mysteries, its intricacies, its wonders, its creation and, its future.
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