The Evolution of The eLFonian

evolving elfy 1The eLFonian has evolved! Starting from humble beginnings in eLFonia and having travelled to the outermost edges of Cyberspace, The eLFonian has returned with a renewed outlook (it was time to update Microsoft Office), a refreshed presence (Old Spice just didn’t cut it anymore once you have been deep into Cyberspace) and a determined focus to maintain a steady course on the path illuminated by the faint and distant light funnelling through a solitary pinhole in the curtain of Cyberspace.

With clarity of thought (depending on the time of day), firmness of purpose and a semi-opaque lucidity of understanding, The eLFonian is now set to tackle the hard issues of life. Armed with pen in hand, or rather fingers on keyboard, The eLFonian will be considering, pondering, dissecting (reminds me, I need to get that roast ready for dinner), evaluating, engaging and adding insight into those things of today that touch all our individual existences. Indeed, life is quite existential!

Yes, The eLFonian has evolved and will continue to do so because there are always new frontiers to explore and in Cyperspace, no one can hear you scream (using upper case letters in text messages just isn’t the same thing). So as the twisted, contorted looks of horror set in and facial features begin to evolve into a quizzically, fearful yet playful look when the realisation finally hits that there has been a major system crash while uploading that final, vital piece of information, a new world opens up. A world of change. A world of learning. A world of virtual reality. A world known as eLFonia.

So welcome to The eLFonian! Come in, look around, walk towards the light. It won’t hurt. Join The eLFonian on a journey which will take us … to infinity and beyond!
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About The eLFonian

An observer of Cyberian culture and an avid student of life - its mysteries, its intricacies, its wonders, its creation and, its future.
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